About Us

The MAS Bros.

The MAS Bros. started its commercial career in 1995. Today The MAS Bros., it operates by selling and logistics operations of more than 30 brands in 4 different sectors as its official country distributor.

Throughout our history, The MAS Bros. has been offering high quality everyday products at competitive prices, always taking into consideration consumers’ needs and environmental impact.

From Makeup & Cosmetics (Professional & Unprofessional) to Personal Care, Health & Care as well as everyday Household Products, The MAS Bros. offers a wide range of products with high brand awareness.

Our People

At MAS Bros. we know people are the key to success of our business. Therefore, we have selected employees who are willing to develop and become the part of the family. Employees of MAS are committed to the current working environment…


Is to be the strategic partners of the global brands in North Cyprus. We will demonstrate how our sustainable business will continue to grow offering the service and products in different sectors…


The MAS Bros. Group strives to improve customer satisfaction, provide products and services at global quality and standard…